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Archived Line Dance Info

Line dances are a great way for brand-new, not-familiar-with-the-footwork, ballroom and couples dancers to get comfortable doing the very basics -- the 'Rock Step' and 'Shuffle Step' rhythms -- without having to worry about "dance frame" and "leading" their partner.
  • FYI:  The "Shuffle Step" has the same rhythm as the "Triple Step" in East Coast Swing, the "Cha Cha Cha" step in the Cha Cha, and also the Polka step in the Polka dance.
1. Line Dances Done At Meridian Manor 

2. Step Sheets

This  Directory 1  contains PDFs of some the line dances done at Meridian Manor by Jan Anderson and John Cline.  Some of these step sheets may be slightly DIFFERENT, as I had to locate them from the internet myself.

 This  Directory 2  contains PDFs of some the line dances done at Meridian Manor by Susan Houle.

3. Other Nearby Beginning Instruction

Here are nearby some local sources for beginning line dance instruction -- when our own Meridian Manor line dance classes are not in session.
  1. Dorthy Benson at Rancho Mirage, 480-288-2463 (No July or August sessions).
  2. Dee Dee Dougherty - Dee Dee Dougherty teaches close to here.  She has "Brand New Beginners" classes catering to beginners.  (No summer sessions.)
  3. Kort Kurdi -- .  He does an hour or so of just simple “step - step - step” dances (with no 1&2 “shuffles”) to get you used to moving your feet to the music.  (Teaches year-round.)